Thought for Sunday

Do you ever feel you do nothing right? When you have success you never give yourself credit? That’s me!! My goal is to not put myself down because I may not be able to get myself up for the challenges that lie ahead………………



2 thoughts on “Thought for Sunday

  1. Hello princess. Words from rather an old man, I’m afraid, but it looks to me like you have dangerously – and undeservedly – low self-esteem. Nobody deserves to feel as unhappy as you too ofen appear to feel. Somebody or bodies have hurt you very badly and what you are feeling is their fault. You can send me a message, tell me about it. I am the most undangerous stranger you will ever encounter.

    • I don’t think I am unhappy. In fact I am very reflective upon my life and I think I can feel emotion much more than others. It is hard every day when people decide to judge you based on your size. It has caused me pain but I can put it in its place. When I look at things I can see so much more and I want to reach out to others. Self esteem is definitely something I need to work on but if we all look inward there are things we can make better. I truly have had a great life with beautiful people in it. I have no sad stories or tragedies. Just vivid memories of being a lonely and fat child wanting to be accepting by the world. I get over it one day at a time. I love myself!! Thanks for caring!!

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