Not a Man of Means but One of Substance

I was sharing my blog with my sister.

She thought I could write pretty well so she gave the task of preparing a speech for my dad’s 70th birthday party which is in March.

This presents a huge challenge. 

My relationship with my father has been a tenuous but loving one through the years.

I would describe him as opinionated and thick headed but with the kindest heart and compassion for the people he loves.

My father is never afraid to show emotion. He’s more apt to cry than my mother.

But sometimes Dad does have a temper and lashes out in anger.

He says things that hurt but is not afraid to apologize.

One example I remember was as a child. He was never a disciplinarian.  But I remember getting spanked once in awhile.

One time when I was about eight or nine I got in trouble. He spanked me. I screamed that I hated him. Dad said I would regret those words and that I could not take them back.

I ran to my room and barricaded the door. He pushed open the door open and hugged me. He held me for a few moments and through my tears told me he was sorry and that he loved me. 

It is funny how he could say one thing in one moment and take it back. 

This was not the only time he did this. I always knew in my heart he loved and adored me.

There always times of great happiness. 

As a child we purchased one of those old radios for his birthday. It was pretty simple but it worked. I think he still has it. When the antenna fell off he put a coat hanger on it.  The radio would play old tunes in the garage while he danced and sang to the lyrics.

Often when it would rain he grab a bar of soap, go outside and say he was taking a shower.  Or gather change and run around the corner to get a treat like ice cream or chocolate for all of us. On hot summer nights put the television on the porch so we could cool off or run around with us spraying the hose.

These were great times. 

I would also say Dad is a faithful and loyal person. He is never late and always remembers your birthday.

My mother is the absolute love of his life. One moment Mom and Dad will be fighting and in the next he they would be the best of friends. 

I love reading the Valentine’s Day cards he gives her as he always put a personal little note in it to her.  I still see those notes and it makes me tear up every time.

The best thing that ever happened with our relationship is the birth of my son.  I always say my son is the apple of his eye.  After my son was born he would sit there for hours holding him and loving him.  Often his eyes welled up with tears. I would see him kiss his head and squeeze him tight.

Things he still does now!

Touching moments I will never forget.

If there was one thing I think he regretted was not having a better job or making a lot of money.  He wanted to give us his all and make sure our needs were met. 

Truthfully my Dad did give us his all.  He went to work everyday, took care of his kids, did laundry and dishes, treated my mother as an equal and with respect.

Dad is always thoughtful and kind and loves to sing, laugh and rejoice in life with others.

As I grow older I tend to ignore the things he does which drives me crazy. 

Instead I celebrate my Dad’s life.

I regret those words I said as I child.

I understand him.

My dad is not a man of means but one of substance and is filled with an undeniable purpose and vigor for life.

He possesses undying love and affection for his family. 

A true gift to my life!!!

I think I got some ideas for the speech.

Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A friend always





4 thoughts on “Not a Man of Means but One of Substance

  1. Kim, this is such a beautiful, heartfelt description and story of your dad! I know your speech will be amazing. I feel as if I sort of know him in reading your post! He is very well depicted here in all of his awesomeness! I wish you the best, and much love and fun in all of this!
    God bless you, dear friend.


  2. Beautiful! I think you have your speech already finished right there! It’s obvious that those words poured directly from your heart to your post. Sounds like you have a very blessed family. There won’t be a dry eye at the party! 🙂

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