The Things I Always Want My Son to Be

Tuesday morning my son woke up and was calling for me.

I went to his bed and he stood up and jumped into my arms. 

He opened his eyes and stared straight into mine. 

His eyes are so huge and brown.

I laid him next to my husband and walked away just thinking of his eyes.

In these moments I realize how important of a job I have raising him. 


There are so may things I want for him in life. 

I decided I make a list of the things I always want my son to be in life.


Accepting of others One night my son said to me “Mommy you are fat.”  It took me by surprise and made me cry.  I looked at him and asked if it made him love me any less.  He said no.  I asked then why he said it and if he thought it was a nice thing to say.  Of course he apologized.  I explained to him people will always be different in life and that you need to accept them for the person. He has not said this again to me and has been asking me about my weight loss. Even as children acceptance of others is key.
Respectful to people At Walgreens I purchased something for my son. He looked at the lady and told her to give it to him.  She was about to do it when I told her to take it back.  I looked at him and said he needed to ask for it nicely.  The cashier said not to bother.  I put my foot down.  Respect is something a child needs to learn at an early age for every person.  He nicely asked for the item and even said thank you.  The cashier gave it to him. I felt pretty proud.
Resourceful I think growing up in a lower middle class household has made me very resourceful.  There was always a way to get dinner on the table or add in some extras.  My parents could take an ordinary day & make it special.  For example carpet picnics.  My mom would make fried chicken and we get a blanket & put it in the living room and watch our favorite TV show.  It was not extravagant but special.  I try and practice this with my son.  I want him to realize no matter the situation he can always make it a little better!!
Creative Creativity is a key to a happy life.  It keeps away the blues and makes you appreciate life.  He has been very good at this! At night I stand next to his room and listen to him play with his toys. He will make different voices and do different scenarios.  It’s wonderful.
Caring Caring shows a person has compassion for life.  My son does. He loves people and thinks about feelings.  It’s funny when I cry. He’s always there at my side. Telling me it will be ok.
Inspiring One of his teachers told me my son is a role model. He helps other students.  I was so proud.  Inspiration is not reserved for high paid athletes or recording artists.  Inspiration is found in all of us. A husband and wife working to give their kids a better life, a person giving up a seat on a bus, people helping others in need.
Patriotic My son mentioned the Olympics and said he was excited. Mentioned the games were going to be epic!!! I laughed!! I revel in being a citizen of the US.  I love our country.  I cry at the anthem and hope for a better future.  It gives us something to believe in and a cause to rally over in times of trouble.  I can remember the 1980 Hockey team and the miracle on ice.  The chanting of USA!!! It still send shivers down my spine!!  

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