A Love Story

As Valentine’s Day draws near it allows me the chance to reflect upon the love story in my life. 

First moments together are amazing.  An indelible mark in your life history.

Truly a love story contains so many components.

I would describe it as a beautiful collage which portrays two people creating a loving bond and an infinite legacy.

Often I sit and ask how I was so lucky to find the one in my life. I felt undeserving of love due to my self image as well as my lack of confidence. 

I remember the moment he walked up to me and looked at me. I doubted that he was interested in me. Tried my best to ignore his attention.  But I could not look away as his eyes shone at me.  His smile invited me into his world.  When he held me his long arms reached around me. I could look into his face to feel his adoration.

Our beginnings were not ideal.  There was no money and a tiny apartment with mismatched furniture as well as no heat. A great date night was some pizza and a trip to the video store to rent the newest movie release. But as I remember the only thing I desired was his love and attention.  At night we would lay together and I would place my head in the crook of his arm and feel his warmth against me.  It was all I needed.

Love is not easy!  It takes work and understanding.  It seemed in times of trouble I referred back to my bad habits. Let my feelings about myself create anger and intense unhappiness. 

I implored him to walk away. Take his stuff and get out of my life. 

He refused.  Standing strong against my overtures. Repeating over and over again he could not love anyone like he did me. 

And I relented. 

The things which made me unhappy were not a way to tear us apart.  In fact it presented an opportunity to explore our relationship and change it for the better.  Letting go of the feelings pent up inside. Growing together.

Is it possible to love people more over time. Of course it is! As years pass I look to him as my partner and friend. 

Two people that have grown together. 

When I come home I look for him. I strain to hear his warm and welcoming voice. 

It gets harder to be apart and more rewarding with the time we spend together. 

I need him. His love, passion, kindness, smile and laugh.

So I will always go to him and profess my love. 

Ask that he lay down with me so I can nestle in the crook of his arm feeling his eternal warmth and embrace.

Happy Valentine’s Day my love!!!







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