The Fitness Instructor

Today was another great fitness walking class!

I truly have to thank our fitness instructor for her support and guidance.

She may be diminutive in size but if you asked for two words to describe her I would say dynamo and powerhouse.

When she takes the floor she commands such respect and has a large presence.

There are no excuses in the gym and her voice booms above the music helping us to keep moving.

Always figuring out how to get us to work harder and achieve the next level.

Her smile lights up the room. She exudes endless enthusiasm and keeps everyone marching to the beat.

She’s passionate about exercise. Her focus is not on making people look better but instead feel better.

Every time I go to the class I feel inspired.

I want her to see the smile on my face.

Her exuberance has given me a new perspective.Β  I feel immense pride. She says we are getting stronger and have made progress.

It gives me the kick start I need in life.

I want to exercise!!!

Get into class and move my body.

I do not feel judged by her or our class.

In fact I feel encouraged and empowered.

She has given me the spark to fuel my desire to be happy, healthy and fit.

Our fitness instructor is amazing!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Fitness Instructor

  1. So glad that you have such a wonderful instructor! This is truly a very positive asset for you in reaching any fitness goals and the presence of this remarkable woman, as well as the others will really make you stronger. Who knows.. in time, maybe someday you will be the instructor! I ain’t kiddin! Something to think about πŸ˜‰

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