My Go to Foods


Oatmeal Oatmeal is my super food. I tend to eat it about once a day. It is so portable and comes in convenient packets. In addition I will often use it for lunch if I need a big breakfast to get me through the day.
Apples Apples give us the best of all worlds. It gives us a sweet delight with an irresistible crunch. I pack one in my bag for the day. Also apples are great with peanut butter and can be chopped up and flavored with cinnamon with a dash of lemon juice for that yummy apple pie effect
Bananas Bananas are the one thing I hate to run out of. Their sweetness and potassium have been integral to keeping me satisfied as well as healthy. It can be used as the base for smoothies and tastes good on a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat. Also one of the most portable and affordable snacks.
Chicken Chicken is one of those foods that satisfy my savory portion of my taste buds. Skinless chicken breast are a must and my tenders require only an egg wash with some breadcrumbs and non stick cooking spray. Chicken thighs also give us a reasonable way to enjoy that meaty taste with the crunchy skin without going over your points or caloric intake.
String Cheese I love string cheese because there are so many varieties which give a person a good source of protein with calcium. It satisfies hunger and cravings. Also sometimes in the morning I can get gas and pack a couple in my bag for the day so I will not find some sugar laden food to snack on.
Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt is one of my favorite foods. The creamy texture, low fat as well as multiple flavors it make it another super food. 
Blueberries Blueberries possess awesome health benefits as well as a pleasant flavor. I can put blueberries in snack bags for the day or mix it in with some oatmeal. Freezing blueberries is great and often I will put it in my seltzer to keep it cold and to snack on.  It can be used in smoothies and provides a great taste without the guilt.
Special K  Bars Processed food are usually not an option but I love those 90 calorie bars. A little sweet with that satisfying crunch.  We all need a little help at times.
Baby Carrots One of the most satisfying snacks with the crunch and satisfying tastes.  I buy little snack backs and pack them up with their vitamin laden goodness. Also these vegetables provide such flavor when roasted with a little olive oil and sea salt or steamed in the microwave.
Milk A four to eight ounce glass of milk provides some protein as well as the essential calcium needed for our bones. I often notice near that time of the month when I get leg cramps a little milk goes a long way to soothe these cramps and help keep my cravings in check.
Broccoli In our house we buys bags and bags of steam fresh broccoli. It is one of the vegetables my sons devours. This vegetable is so versatile and tasty it is in a class of its own. It can be eaten raw, roasted, steamed or placed in omelets or on top of potatoes. One favorite ways is to roast it on a cookie sheet with a dash of olive oil or cooking spray.  Also we have started a habit of buying a bunch of broccoli and using it for dinner or cutting it up for a snack.
Eggs When I first started to lose weight I used eggs in the morning to get me started. I would grab some non cooking spray with some veggies like broccoli and a quarter cup of cheese to help me stay satisfied until lunch. For Christmas I was given an egg sandwich maker so I get whole wheat English muffins with one slice of cheese. I enjoys these sandwiches for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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