Thank to my friends and the Weight Watcher Ladies

Today was weigh in & I was a nervous wreck!!

I don’t know why I put such pressure on myself. It’s like I have to have great results or I feel my world will fall apart.

Honestly, I was going to skip class but I saw a coworker going over. I felt the support I needed to take any bad news.

I picked up my card and immediately went to the bathroom. I stood there for a few moments and looked at myself.

What’s the worse that could happen?

Gain weight, throw away 3 months of sweat and tears. Ruin my life, the list was endless. I decided I had to do this. I had to face my problems and be honest with myself.

I have one lady I go to so I went to her scale. My legs were shaking and I began to sweat.

I had gained .2 pounds.  My heart sank. She looked at me and asked if there was anything I wanted to take off. My sweater!! I thought it was light but I did have a cami underneath it.

I ripped off the sweater while I was on the scale. 

I thought it would not make much of a difference.

The scale said I has lost .2 pounds. I was elated!

After I calmed down I began talking to Karen & Sheila from Weight Watchers about my fears, feelings as a child and my self esteem issues.

Karen looked at me and I could see her eyes were a little misty.

“Kim, we have all been there. That’s why we are here.” Karen said.

Sheila was in the background nodding her head while giving me words of encouragement.

My eyes welled with tears. The words flowed so freely, I explained to them about my blog, my goals about running a 5K race and the people and friends I have made while blogging. 

Words are so hard to say how I feel about people who have been encouraging me on my endeavors.

How do you say thank you? How do you let them know their words mean everything to your success?  That you admire their and enthusiasm and compassion for people!!!

Let me take a shot at it!!

I love you!

And I am not done yet!!!



10 thoughts on “Thank to my friends and the Weight Watcher Ladies

  1. If you´re working out or doing some exercise it can be the reason for your weight gain…but I´m sure it´s just a little stall and you´ll have forgotten all about it after your next weight in.

    You have two options now:
    1. give up and get box of ice-cream
    2. work hard to make sure this never happens again 🙂

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. We can Give up, give in, or Give it all we got! I had this quoted on a poster via my blog once recently 🙂
    Great post! Thanks for sharing, this is our year, Kim! We can do this! We are doing this now!
    God bless u, sweet girl! ❤

  3. I had a very similar weigh-in this week! Celebrate the victories no matter how small they may seem and keep on rocking it! You got this! 🙂

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