The Unbreakable Bond

I thought it was a dream

The nurse wheeling my mother

Over to me and my older sister

A beautiful bundle wrapped in a blanket

I touched your tiny hands

Kissed your tiny head

Admired everything about you

An unbreakable bond had begun

You are the light of my life

Your eyes possess such passion

As a person you are tenacious and fearless

But give such kindness and generosity

Remember as children

Pushing our beds together

Being as one

Loving our moments

Enjoying each others’ company

Watching you grow

Become a woman

And a mother

Loving life to the fullest

Your warm brown eyes

Thick curly hair

God tried to take you

From me once

In that hospital bed

I sat there holding you

Loving you

Stroking your hair

Touching that face

I prayed on my knees

Asking him to not break our bond

Give me a lifetime of chances

To always be your big sister

So we can grow together

Be the best of friends

Always love each other

He relented and handed you

Back to me and our family

There is not a day that goes by

I do not think of your love

Makes me happy

Keeps me whole

From the first day

To the end

Forever in love with you

Little sister




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