Random Acts of Kindness

People’s writings have a way of touching me.

Making me feel more human and compassionate than ever!!!

I think for today I will promote Random Acts of Kindness. 

Everyone’s goal is to be kind and say something positive to themselves.

Look at yourself and say I am worth it and I deserve the best.

Also lend a hand to others in need. Be a positive person. If you see a mom in the checkout line with a couple of screaming kids let her go ahead of you, compliment a person on a nice scarf or outfit. Help a neighbor in need or give a member of your family a call to tell them you are thinking of them.

Kindness is one of the best gifts and it doesn’t cost a thing!!!

So here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim, you have worked hard to lose weight!!! Great job!!!!

Will call family member that just had major surgery and tell them I love them, thinking of them. I am here for them.

To the community of writers and Facebook friends!!!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Your words inspire, your kindness and comments are truly appreciated!!!

I am a better person because of all of you!!!


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