My Day

After a long day at work I feel so much better to be home.

It was not the best day but I did have some real positives!!!

I got a couple compliments from people I was looking good!! 

The words of encouragement catapulted me to the next level.

I asked myself what was next. What could I do to get myself feeling stronger?

In my fitness walking class we had to speed up the pace. Today I decided to jog in place instead of walk. Our instructor was telling me to go for it. So I went for it & just jogged in place as hard as I could. The sweat was pouring from my face but I felt exhilarated!!! I was actually running strong and feeling so good.

When the class ended I just wanted to keep going!!!

The instructor noted she could see my improvement in the classes.


A couple of months ago I was a person that could not exercise let alone jog.

Now my body craves it!!!

I mentioned to a friend maybe I could do a 5K race sooner than later. 

I need challenges to keep me in the game and keep me hungry.



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