I had a long day today so I got home with tears in my eyes. I felt tired and had a headache all day.

Weak and worn down. Fat and miserable.

I heard those terrible words over & over again in my head.

You are fat, you are stupid, you are ugly!

So I called my mom.

My mother is the great motivator.

I sit and listened to her words of wisdom.

My tears dried up and I felt a sense of relief.

So tonight mom says “You are the person you were born to be.” 

In a moment I feel inspired. I can pull myself up out of this depression. I love life.

These words are so simple but so true!!!

A person can not change who they were born to be but they can strive for better and find that inner peace.  The answers are out there but I have to find them.

Stop letting others put me down and realize every day you have to make your world a better place.

Define yourself, work on the things you can change and be happy to be alive!!

That’s life, I will do what I have to do and be me.

I love you Mom!!! You are my best friend!!!



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