That Girl

I was sifting through magazines when I gazed at one which displayed a young woman who had lost over 100 pounds. This lady was proudly holding up her fat pants and sharing with the world their weight loss success. 

I sat back for a moment and lamented how I would love to be that girl. 

Someone who worked so hard to shed those unwanted ponds. A person that had achieved the ultimate weight loss goal and was strutting her stuff in a bikini.

It is difficult to sit on the sidelines. You applaud everyone else but deep down you yearn to step out of your old skin and show off your new svelte self. 

I am in the moment right now.

I delight in my success and brood over my shortcomings. 

How can I keep my resolve? Not waiver in my commitment. 

I have rationalized it.  I understand the culmination of this process would be to achieve good health and be comfortable in my own skin. 

Maybe one day I can walk on the street and not feel people want to make fun of me. Or that I will run a long distance without gasping for air. If I could fit into clothes without a 2x. Eat normally without the fear of binging and purging. 

This time is critical for me. I have made progress. I must prevent any chance of reverting back to old habits.

Defining goals and setting priorities has made me feel more empowered.

That girl I talked about is a great role model and someone I can emulate.

But honestly this girl knows there is a lot of work to be done!


6 thoughts on “That Girl

  1. You can do this! That girl can be you! Make a commitment to yourself and put yourself first. Carve out time to exercise and make healthier choices with food. If other people can lose 100 pounds so can we!!!!!! All the best!

  2. My partner, having lost a good deal of weight and is successfully sustaining her very lovely figure, says that in order to lose weight you have to want to lose it for yourself and not for other people. Only you can decide when the time is right. Best of good fortune to you.

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