Makeover Monday

Woman are creatures of habit.

On quiet days often they look at their hair, clothes or makeup to find different ways to make themselves over.

I thought I would do a different type of makeover.

How does a person do a life makeover and get to where they do desperately need to be?

One of my favorite theories of human behavior is based on the self actualization model presented by Abraham Maslow. He developed a hierarchy of needs based on fundamental human needs and emotion. In order to make ourselves over we need to assess our basic needs and find out our self actualization point. The point where we feel comfortable in life as well as in our our skin.


I made my own representation on how we have our basic and emotional needs.


I think we all ask at times the reasons we fail and can’t complete our life makeovers.

I look at my model and shake my head. In some instances I was not set in life to support changes. Other times I was too worried about where my next meal was coming from or if anybody cared if I lived or died. At times I felt so bad about myself I didn’t care.

Life is a process. There is a time and a place. It not only relates to weight loss but also meeting the right person or getting over other problems.

We never stop trying and we just keep doing.

My challenge to myself is to keep my life makeover moving–It’s not only about the pounds—It’s about my health, family, friends, job, self esteem and my self actualization point.

I am definitely not there yet!!! Are you?





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