I Think I’m Driving My Husband Crazy!!!!

I feel so bad about driving my husband crazy.

I keep asking him the same questions. Do I look like I lost weight? How does this outfit look? Am I beautiful? Do you still want me?

He’s the one opinion I truly care about. When I see him look at me I want to know his thoughts. 

We have been doing this weight loss journey together but I feel that I need him to notice me more than ever.

So last night we were hanging out after my son went to bed. He looked at me and grabbed me giving me a kiss, “I just can’t get enough of you sometimes.” He said.” 

I am still sitting here in shock feeling like on I am on cloud nine!

I may be driving him crazy but he still loves and wants me after all these years!!!



7 thoughts on “I Think I’m Driving My Husband Crazy!!!!

  1. Sometimes we are so focused on what we believe to be negative physical attributes that we forget that the people who love us do just that – they love us for us. It was lovely to read your post and feel the love your husband has for you 🙂

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