Fear lives inside us all. It manifests itself at the most inopportune times in our lives. It attacks our walls of confidence we have built and leaves us feeling naked and exposed.

But fear can be a guide for people and allow them to take chances or look for a better life. 

The driving factor in my decisions has been fear.

I fear I will not lose weight or fall back into my destructive eating habits. I dwell on how the excess weight I have carried for so many years affects my health. I question if I could have a heart attack or stroke. Then I ponder if one day my husband will look at me and find me unattractive and will not want to be with me.

Understanding your fears is a key to pursuing goals which at one time seemed unattainable.

Contemplate your life history and correlate in whatever ways change can be an option for a better life. 




4 thoughts on “Fear

      • no u are!! lol 😛

        Ya know, I’ve battled with my weight all my life, but these last 5 years or so since we had a tragedy in my family and dad lost his legs, I began to ‘wear my pain’ I packed on the most pounds ever this last half of a decade, and am now in bad shape. So…I have decided to really prep myself mentally for this one. I want 2014 to be not only mine, but OUR year 🙂 I think if we do the self encouragement readings, affirmations, make realistic goals, act on our fitness plans, and eyes on the prize, we will win! woot! 🙂

      • I agree. It takes positive people to make change. I am sorry about your dad. I hope he is doing ok. You are truly a beautiful person and it would make this journey better to share it with you. Love Kim

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