My Buddy

I am really excited!!! I have a buddy for exercising and for weight watchers!! We had been working out and going to weight watchers and started talking. Today she asked if I wanted to do a three mile walk for American Heart Association!! It feels so good to have people sharing your experiences and giving you support.

She mentioned I would help keep her motivated but I think it may be the other way around!!!


2 thoughts on “My Buddy

  1. This is awesome! Have y’all done the walk? I would love it if y’all lived in Houston and we could help each other. I’m a health and fitness coach and I’ve recently been blessed with the grace of teaching classes at my beloved church. I simply love helping others by actions. Unfortunately, I can’t exercise anymore due to a recent heart condition. My blessings go out to you and you can always reach out to me publicly or privately.

    • Thank you for your kindness! It does make it easier if you have people helping you! March 1st will be the walk, when the weather gets nicer I am thinking of doing a 5k. Take care of yourself!!! 🙂 Love KIn

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