31 Reasons I am Happy Today


1 I lost 2 pounds!!! 31 in total!!
2 I made a new exercise buddy!!
3 3 day weekend coming up!!
4 I got 2 compliments I looked nice today!!
5 The sun was shining today!!
6 I took a walk
7 Talked to an old friend at lunch
8 Laughed a couple of times
9 Got a nice kiss from my husband!!!
10 My son told me he loved me
11 It was a quiet day at work
12 I turned off the TV
13 Almost done with the lanundry
14 The dishes are done
15 Have ten dollars in my pocket
16 Received some great responses on my blog
17 Had a great cup of coffee
18 A friend gave me a 90 calorie snack
19 I will be doing the Heart Association 3 mile walk
20 A nice ride home 
21 Ate some rice cakes
22 A couple girls at work said I was working hard to lose weight
23 Dinner ready when I got home from work
24 Talked to my mom
25 Showed a friend my blog
26 Left message for my cousin to call me
27 Pawn Stars on tonight
28 I am person that is truly blessed!!!
29 I have a family and husband that loves me!!!
30 Great friends
31 I feel good

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