Expecting too much

So this morning I stepped on the scale & noticed it did not go down. I felt so disappointed. I understand the importance of losing weight gradually so it will stay off but for me there is no rush like losing a couple of pounds. I have to go back to the things I have told myself. Enjoy the successes but don’t expect too much.

I ask myself what was it that I ate or maybe I’m retaining some water weight.

I need to calm down, eat healthy & exercise.


2 thoughts on “Expecting too much

  1. You got this, girlfriend! Just try not to obsess on numbers and scales. The scale can dominate you if you let it sneak in on you. Maybe instead of weighing regularly, you could cut it down a bit and use a pair of jeans or some kind of clothing that you just cannot wait to get into as a scale to ‘feel’ the weight loss 🙂 In doing so you can feel inches lost which your scale will not show you, and its easier to keep a more positive outlook on things that way ❤ xoxox

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