Losing Weight



4 thoughts on “Losing Weight

  1. Honesty is the key to everything, lol. I remember when I had my ‘aha!’ moment as Oprah would call it. The number on the scale at the Urgent Treatment Center. I had only gone in to get my sinus infection treated, but came out with a broken heart as well!!! The truth hurts…I’d gained a lot. More than I thought.
    I had several…’moments’…photographs that I hated whicht people would tag me in and slap onto social media, the act of going up a size or two in jeans, etc…Oh, at the wake up calls, lol. The approach or take on getting fit and healthier this time, for me personally, is not weighing as much as I used to do, because where I have a history with an eating disorder, I was going really OCD on it. Also, using positive affirmations, which I was actually turned onto by self help author Louise Hay 🙂 ❤ much love!

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