Old me vs New Me


Old Me New Me
Get home from work. Lay on the couch, eat and watch tv. Get home from work and make sure house is clean. Avoid watching TV. Laying on the couch a lot less
Eat until I make my self sick. No portion controls. Binging constantly Portioning my meals and watching how much I eat. I have avoided binging at all cost
Snacking on things like chocolate and potato chips Snacking on fruits and vegetables, no chips and rarely eat chocolate 
Eating things like pizza or subs for lunch from a restaurant Making sure I bring lunch with healthy options.
Not a member of weight watchers Joined weight watchers and going to meetings
Not drinking enough water. Mostly drinking diet soda Getting plenty of water, limiting diet soda
Not exercising at all Exercising about 5 days a week 30 minutes
Felt helpless, out of shape and fat Feeling better every day
No blogging Blogging about every day and really enjoying it

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