Grandma Freida

Grandma it has been so long since you died. The grainy photos I look at make memories come alive again.


Your legacy lives on with me. We are cut from the same cloth.

I love to write just like you did. I remember the poems and stories you wrote and would read to us. It made my imagination soar and fueled my creative side. I love to be funny and zany side like you. The times you laughed at yourself or would come up with a funny retort. Remember when we would sit and laugh. Even in your worst days you could laugh. Also you loved to sing songs just like I do. We begged to hear you sing. Our eyes welled up when you sang Edelweiss.

One last thing. The pictures of you always soothe me.  I see where my size and shape have come from. It comforting to have someone just like yourself.

I do miss you Grandma Freida. I know we will be reunited again.   



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