A Woman’s Image

It is not easy to find peace with your body image in today’s society. Everywhere you go you see models on magazine covers and super skinny women walking the red carpets. I am not jealous but I feel society has become very jaded and interested in the looks of a person rather than emphasizing inherent qualities of a person.

Instead of giving so much credence to a woman wearing a bikini there needs to be insight on woman as mothers and professionals.

For an example a mother has to go back to work soon after giving birth to a child. I ask why woman are not given an opportunity to stay home and nurture their children. There is nothing more beautiful that the love between a mother and child especially at birth.

 Spending less time dreaming on a better figure or clothes and reflect how to develop self esteem and positive body images for women.  It’s important that we take opportunities to share experiences with other woman and give insight on how to build a better future. 


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