A Chubby Little Girl

My mom describes me as a baby and toddler as solid.  I had chunky legs and arms with even chunkier cheeks. Image

As I grew older people would ask my mom my age and act surprised I was only 2 or 3 years old.


It was about the age of 3 or 4 I began to hear the whisperings and rumblings from others about my weight.  Some people would tell my mom I was a big girl, chubby or chunky. I can remember the doctor saying to my mom to watch the foods I ate. Also my relatives would point out I was getting big and too heavy to carry.


By the age of five I was way bigger then my older sister and was always mistaken as the oldest. My mother began to have a hard time finding me clothes that I fit into and that I liked.


It’s funny how things play out in your life and affect the future. I would never change those days as I did not know any better. I had a zest for life but a problem already with eating habits. I was very intuitive and understood at a young age. I was a little different and not in the perfect category.

But I loved my self anyway!!!


4 thoughts on “A Chubby Little Girl

  1. I love those pics! How cute you were!!! I wish I could have children, but that’s another story—I too struggle with body image, former Bulimic, found recovery at 22, about 6 years ago-but its all still “up here” (pointing to my mind). Something like you said, you know. The psychological remnants are there.
    I have very vivid memories of points in my childhood that I truly believe triggered my eating disordered life. A next door neighbor always gave me a hard time as a young one, telling me I needed to get off the cakes and pies and I would lose weight. This really hurt. Later I was made fun of in school for a long time. I became far more self conscious at 16 and began eating disordered behavior.
    God made all of us in His image so we are automatically Masterpieces! I came across that today…believer or not, I think its pretty powerful 😉
    I can so relate to you! God bless and have a great day, friend!!! ❤

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