The Hunger

So many times I sit and think about food and the meanings of hunger.


noun \ˈhəŋ-gər\

: a very great need for food : a severe lack of food

: an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach that is caused by the need for food

: a strong desire : a strong desire for something or to do something (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

It appears there are three different meaning to the word. I need to determine the one which applies to my situation.

The first definition does not apply as I am definitely well fed and have an ample supply of food, the second could be once in awhile especially when I skip meals.

I think for me it is just a strong desire to eat. It’s not because I am hungry it’s because I love to eat and it’s all I have ever known.

I failed to realize how important it was to take time while eating. I would wolf down my portions and always ask for more. It was more of a habit or daily routine that enveloped me and took control.   When I denied my self food I would be angry and when I ate too much I would punish myself. As hard as I would try I still felt hunger and wanted to eat.

It is so amazing to sit here and share my thoughts. It brings me to places where I can see how all those factors played a part with me being overweight.

So a goal will be to eat slower and enjoy, if I feel hunger eat healthier filling foods or try doing something else like writing in my blog.

We all have to start somewhere!!!


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