Kicking It Up A Notch!!!

Well I had the brilliant idea to buy an exercise DVD. So yesterday I cleared the living room and began the routine.

I use the Leslie Sansone dvds to walk in place.

I get started and get into a good rhythm and start to sweat.

Next thing I know my seven year old is running circles around me. Laughing at the sight of me hoofing it around the floor. I finally get him out of the way and I step back.

I guess I forgot about the laundry basket and proceeded to step into it and launch myself backwards into the couch!!!

I’m pretty frustrated but I am undaunted and keep moving.

Next thing the dog decides to lay in the middle of the floor.

I move out of the living room and into the dining room straining my eyes to see the moves. I finish and feel a small measure of success.

So much for kicking it up a notch!!!

Did I tell you I am going to get a treadmill? LOL


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