The Diet Doctor

At my appointment with my regular doctor I mentioned possibly using medication to help with my binging and out of control eating habits. She referred me to another clinic that focuses on weight loss and surgery options. I went to see a health professional and I told him the reasons I did not want surgery. I needed some help.

I truly felt he listened and understood my reasons for not wanting surgery. Also we discussed the factors in my life which have influenced my weight. It felt refreshing and enlightening. For too long I was afraid to face my fears and put myself out there.

He prescribed me medication which has helped curb my appetite and allowed me to stay within my boundaries.

It’s funny because I told one of my friends at work. A couple of days later she asked me about the “Diet Doctor”.  The name has stuck.

Anyone that is trying to lose weight find those pieces of the puzzle that inspire you to keep focused or on track. Seek help if you need and don’t ever be afraid to fail.


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