Goodbye Fat Girl

One of the blogs I have looked at is goodbye fat girl.

I looked at that name and asked myself will I ever say goodbye to this fat girl.

But do I want to leave myself behind? Or do I want to build upon the person that I am and will always be.

Letting go of the past is not an easy thing. 

Can it help me realize my goals?

I will always feel like that fat person wanting approval from everyone. A person that hurts easily but wants to show everyone her love and caring. An individual that gets upset when she hears people laughing but wants to participate and be the life of the party.

No one should every feel sorry for me. Instead people should tell me I’m doing the right thing. Encourage me to shed the pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

I will never say goodbye to the fat girl as she lives inside of me. Makes me a better person and makes me love life.

Embrace who you are and use the past as guide for better life decisions.



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