Don’t Get Stressed and Eat!!!!

I have always been a stress eater. I am not hungry but I decide I need a pint of ice cream(Ben & Jerry’s) or a dozen cookies(chocolate chip) to keep my mind off my troubles.

This time of year brings the worst out in me. The sub zero days with the frigid winds along with the slippery roads covered with snow. Upstate New York is a real treat in the winter time.

I get home from work and try to decompress but it doesn’t work. I immediately open the refrigerator or the cabinets to scan the contents for a delectable treat I just can’t live without. When I find this treat I proceed to hoover it until it is all gone. Then I ask myself how I ate the entire thing!!!!

In order to get healthier I have to fight my natural instincts and find ways to stop this impending crisis.

Of course this presents a formidable challenge for me.

I have banished snacks like cookies or chips as well as treats like cake and ice cream from my pantry.  I have to say my husband has been dismayed by these conditions but it has helped us both lose weight and eat better foods.

I try and ask myself if it is hunger or is it because I drove thirty miles in a blizzard!!!

If I need to eat I try to pick fruit or a vegetable. If these tactics do not work my next plan is to make myself hot cocoa or a cup of coffee to satisfy my cravings.

Of course there are some days you open the floodgates and let yourself devour whatever is in your sights!!!

Oh well there is always tomorrow!!!!



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