Holiday Time!!!!

Merry Christmas!!! I love this time of year but one thing I don’t love is how it affects my waistline. There is way too much good food to eat. I have always struggled this time I year. I tend to try & take a small plate but continue to eat until I am stuffed. Also my family encourages me to keep eating. I tell them I am watching what I eat but they suggest I eat what I want for the day. For the day only!! It does not work that way. Once I start pushing aside my better eating habits it feels like a tidal wave or an explosion. My mind wants tells me to keep eating whatever I want. I ask myself why do I always do this with food. I truly can’t answer my questions but I can try & stick to my routine-portion my food, one plate only & steer away from the deserts. I have been pretty good, I did not eat at the food tables at work and I have only a couple of pieces of chocolate. No Christmas cookies!!! I would sit there and eat dozens of them without thinking with handfuls of chocolate. It’s when I focus and identify my bad habits I get stronger and tighten my resolve. I have not been exercising like usual but my days have been busy so that’s one area I need to look at after the holiday. I want to enjoy today but I will stay within my boundaries!!!


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